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Masters' Tour 2010
25-26 Sep 2010 - Germany
Are you ready for some serious adrenalin rush?!

"Touring and Training" Annual event in Israel
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Al Dixon
The man who brought Krav Maga to the U.K.

New Krav Maga school
in Munich with 2 city centre locations!
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Kenne Dich selbst - wie lerne ich mich zu verteidigen?
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  Krav Maga IKMF Masters Tour Germany 2010 Promo Trailer
  04.10.2010 - Article by Kim Freeman
  Time for some hard truths (for some people): The one and only source of Krav Maga is "Imi Lichtenfeld" (1910-1998). The next best thing to that is "Avi Moyal, Eli Ben-Ami and Gabi Noah" all in one place at the same time for a two-day event, the "Masters' Tour" Germany 2010!

Krav Maga IKMF Masters' Tour Munich 2010
If you weren't there, you've really missed something! It was a truly fantastic event. A milestone in the history of Krav Maga and the International Krav Maga Federation in Germany.

The "Masters' Tour" in Germany was the first event outside of Israel in which three Krav Maga Masters, Avi Moyal, Eli Ben-Ami and Gabi Noah (all direct students of Imi Lichtenfeld) gave a two-day seminar together.

Three months ago, John Freeman was appointed as the new director for the IKMF Germany. A new IKMF Germany website with the motto "Breaking boundaries" was launched and the Masters' Tour event really fulfilled this motto.

For the first time in Germany, the IKMF opened its doors to other Krav Maga organisations and their instructors. The training hall was charged with an incredible energy. There was no animosity, competitiveness or egos. There were only people who are passionate about Krav Maga and wanted to learn, train and have fun, no matter which organisation they belonged to.

Participants came from all over Germany, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Israel and Belgium. Some even drove all night to get to the first part of the "Masters' Tour" in Munich (If you read this you know who you are :)), threw themselves with full enthusiasm in the 5-hour-seminar, and then afterwards drove a further 4 hours for the second part of the seminar in Erfurt the next day. It was pure dedication!

The seminar in Munich covered "defence against multiple attackers" and "restraining/control techniques" with a funny litte incident involving a pair of handcuffs getting jammed :).The second day was all about "3rd party protection" and "defence against weapon attacks" (fire arms and knives).

Grading took place on both days after the seminars and 24 IKMF students progressed to the next level.

The feedback from all the participants (114) was amazing. And they are already looking forward to the next big IKMF Germany event next year... already in the early planning phase :)

After this incredible event, rumours that have been circulating about the IKMF "not existing anymore" can be well and truly put to rest.
Krav Maga IKMF Masters' Tour Erfurt 2010
The IKMF is better than it has ever been! What you see is what you get. No beating around the bush, no spreading false rumours, no going around anyone's back, no secrecy, no blah blah blah, etc... They lay all their cards on the table and what you get is a highly professional, experienced, down to earth and approachable team who have nothing to hide. And the best of it all is that they are all really modest and humble guys!

This was an extremely unique event considering that Avi, Eli and Gabi all found the time out of their busy schedules to coordinate being in Germany together for 2 days. Who knows when we'll be able to pin them all down again for an event like this one.

Another positive aspect that this event has shown is that even though Gabi Noah will be concentrating more and more on his own organisation, it does not affect their friendship, support and respect for one another in any shape or form. It was just nice to see that friendship still counts more than one's own commercial interest.

In the true spirit of Imi Lichtenfeld's, the IKMF is spreading Krav Maga worldwide.

If you want to learn effective and realistic self-defence, learn Krav Maga. If you want to learn Krav Maga from a higly-experienced and respected organisation worldwide, join an IKMF school. If there isn't one near you yet, then definitely try out other Krav Maga schools but keep an open mind and try to come to the next IKMF seminar in your region. You will definitely not regret it!

This "Masters' Tour" event has truly broken boundaries that were there before. New friendships were founded and it was a great chance to meet people from different backgrounds and organisations all with one interest in common "Krav Maga".

This is the way things should be! After all, just because I like gourmet food doesn't mean that I have to stick to one gourmet restaurant! And personally, a gourmet restaurant that tells me I'm not allowed to visit other restaurants would definitely lose me as a customer because I want to be able try everything and be able to judge for myself what I like best! :)
- sorry, being a food lover, I just could not help the food analogy! :)

Some exclusive photos will be posted here soon.
Photos of the Masters' Tour in Munich and Erfurt can be viewed on the IKMF Germany website.

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